Do you really need an outdoor rated tv?

We understand why people want to use a standard indoor TV in an outdoor application, but we recommend against doing so. Ultimately, YES, you DO need an outdoor TV designed for outdoor use. Ultimately, if you can afford it, we recommend that you buy a TV designed for outdoor use. This ensures that, even if the weather gets a little crazy, your TV will remain unscathed, and you don't have to worry about sealing your TV perfectly when you're not using it either.

That's true even under a covered patio. There are other risks besides rain, such as insects, temperature variation, etc., that are worth considering, depending on where you live. A number of companies make TVs designed for the elements. This is more difficult than it seems.

Sealing a TV against moisture, in addition to any curious wildlife, limits the TV's ability to cool down. Heat, as we have mentioned before, is by far the greatest enemy of television longevity. Therefore, this robust redesign, plus additional components and weather sealing, increase the price. Water and heat are the enemies of televisions.

Luckily, outdoor TVs are designed to support both. Unfortunately, using a regular TV outside will eventually break it. Even under an overhang, the TV will be exposed to weather, humidity, and elements that will damage internal components and void most manufacturer's warranties. It's a good idea to make sure that the area where you store your outdoor TV is as hidden from passers-by as possible.

Outdoor TVs need to be able to deal with all of these things, so it's important to get an outdoor TV for outdoor use. Outdoor TV cabinets, such as this one from Storm Shell, are available to protect a normal outdoor-mounted TV. There are a variety of potential threats to your outdoor electronic devices, but by being aware of those dangers, you can work to avoid them, giving your device the best chance of survival and prolonged use. However, SunBrite manufactures a range of outdoor TVs, and Samsung's “The Terrace” series is also designed specifically for outdoor use.

You may think that placing a television for indoor use will be perfectly fine in the outdoor environment of Pennsylvania. Professionally mounted directional speakers can enhance your outdoor movie night, allowing you to listen to the movie and not the world around you. However, you should be able to put together a below-the-cost solution for a dedicated outdoor television.