New outdoor gear 2021?

If you're playing outdoors this summer, the HERO9 will capture unforgettable memories with an impressive 5K resolution. The most advanced outdoor camera on the market, the new GoPro comes with several upgrades, including a new front screen, detachable lens, water resistance up to 10 meters and the ability to shoot razor-sharp 5K videos or 20-megapixel photos. Windy conditions won't disturb your dinner if you bring this premium kitchen kit from MSR outdoor equipment experts. A windproof radiant burner combines with a ceramic-coated 2.5-liter sauce pot and an eight-inch skillet so you can cook real food quickly.

And once you've enjoyed a hearty meal, all the components fit inside each other for efficient packaging and storage. Playing outdoors is a dirty business. The RinseKit capsule is the perfect solution for washing yourself and your equipment after a full day of adventures. The self-pressurized 1.5 gallon tank and spray nozzle will remove dirt and grime, while the compact size makes it easy to store in a trunk or garage.

After examining 181 submissions, more than 100 employees, retailers, equipment testers and outdoor enthusiasts (Outside+ members) rated the top items on a scale of one to ten (higher numbers equate to greater stoke). We've compiled next season's top 50 products, ranked by more than 100 retailers, equipment testers and outdoor enthusiasts. After the increase in outdoor recreation brought on by last year's pandemic and subsequent equipment shortages, products are finally returning to shelves. But before you head out into the woods, you'll want to make sure you're equipped with the best equipment for outdoor activities this summer.

The team below stood out because they made notable strides in sustainability, ingenuity, and overall helped you enjoy the outdoor adventure.