How to store outdoor gear?

Tips for storing equipment in your vehicle. Hooks in the garage are a great way to store wet equipment that you don't want in the house yet. Perfect for life jackets, waders, rainwear, etc. L-brackets or hooks are a great way to store tent chairs and bars.

Check three times that everything is 100% dry before storing it. Do you feel extra? Add some desiccant to your tubs, like those little silica packs that come with just about everything. Save and throw them away. You can find all kinds of options at outdoor stores like REI or more general stores like Walmart and Sears.

The only feeling that comes close to being outdoors on your favorite trail is organizing your equipment within an inch of its useful life. Wearing camping equipment in the off-season can make your home cramped and make you dream of escaping to the great outdoors. Cleaning equipment may be the last thing you want to do after a week of camp showers and outdoor activities, but it will make it much easier for you to prepare for your next trip. I was overwhelmed not only by how to organize my outdoor equipment, but also about where all my other things would go.

Once you've overcome all the steps and peaks you can handle, properly cleaning and storing your equipment is crucial to the success of your next outdoor expedition. For example, when I lived in my apartment in Texas, I had an outdoor storage closet that I used to store all my outdoor equipment.