Is an outdoor rated tv necessary?

A normal TV can be used outdoors with some stipulations. There are obstacles to overcome because an indoor TV isn't designed to withstand moisture, condensation, dirt, rain, flying baseballs, hail, insects, or theft. You might be thinking that I have the perfect place covered and away from the sun. Can a normal TV be installed in a seemingly safe environment? You could.

I'm sure it will work even the first few times you try it. Just know that TVs are intricate and fragile devices. If used normally, they can last for many years. If used outside of the prescribed environment, such as adding heat, humidity, and sunlight, the TV will age significantly faster.

If you can afford to replace a TV every few months or every year, you do it. I am sure that the TV manufacturers will be very satisfied. Just don't expect any warranty coverage. An outdoor TV can add a modern touch to your home and offer a great place to hang out with friends and family.

If you're familiar with electronics, you know that they don't blend well with the weather, so you may wonder if you need additional hardware, such as a closet or specialized television for outdoor use. Can't you use a normal TV outside? Some companies sell outdoor enclosure protectors to fit non-outdoor TVs, but these gadgets can be almost as expensive as an outdoor television (and require you to already have a TV to permanently install them inside). This was popular even before COVID, but now with such a big emphasis on outdoor entertainment spaces, outdoor TVs are more important than ever. The best outdoor TVs are specifically designed to be weather resistant and withstand extreme temperatures and other outdoor hazards.

You can look for an outdoor soundbar (yes, they exist), or you can consider a pair of outdoor speakers or a good weatherproof Bluetooth speaker. Outdoor TVs can also come with additional features, such as anti-glare and anti-glare screens, meaning you can sit outside on a nice, sunny summer day and enjoy your favorite movies in all their glory. This design choice is a tacit reminder that outdoor TVs are not intended for tenants or apartment residents who can't permanently install a wall mount or don't have a private space for outdoor viewing. Whether facing rain, snow, dust, salty air, hot days or cold nights, outdoor TVs are ready and made for permanent outdoor installation.

If you prefer to have a slimmer approach to your outdoor covered patio TV, a TV box to make your outdoor covered patio lounging setup look a little more like your indoor living room.