Why does outdoor outlet keep tripping?

If your GFCI outlet is constantly disconnected, it could be a power failure as a result of faulty structural wiring. A power outlet connected to the same circuit could also be the source of the problem, especially if it wasn't part of the original wiring in your home. In the event of a power failure, you will need a professional electrician to troubleshoot the problem. Humidity: Moisture anywhere on the line will trigger the GFCI.

This is the most common problem for external power outlets. Water can enter outdoor electrical boxes if they are uncovered or if there is an excessive amount of rain or high humidity. Moisture can also enter the wiring of an appliance. The cable may rot or there may be moisture in the outdoor outlet.

If a GFCI deactivates, it deactivates because there is a current leak. You can try to go inside the box of the GFCI, disconnect the cable coming out to the outside and see if it still triggers, if you don't have a problem with the external wiring, if it keeps firing, you should replace the GFCI. There are several reasons why a GFCI deviates. The most common reason is water or moisture that has entered the receptacle box or outlet.

However, a GFCI device that disconnects could also be caused by an overloaded circuit, a malfunctioning outlet, electrical problems, or improper installation.