What is the most popular camping gear purchase?

List of the best camping equipment1 - Instant tent, 2 - sleeping bag for all seasons, 3 - inflatable mat, 4 - portable camping chair. Best camping essentials, 5 - medical first aid kit, 6 - headlamp, 7 - water purifier, 8 - waterproof lighter. From outdoor brands such as Patagonia, Kelty, Sea to Summit, Marmot and more, you can find these products at major retailers such as REI, Backcountry and Amazon so you can live your best life in nature. So to help you avoid these difficulties on your next outdoor excursion, we've put together a list of the best camping essentials you can buy.

For such a young brand, YETI has firmly established itself as a manufacturer of some of the strongest and best-built outdoor equipment in the industry. It's hard to imagine a brand that is more associated with outdoor adventures than with Patagonia, as the brand offers a ton of equipment designed to survive whatever nature throws at it. The equipment is divided into injury-specific sections for ease of use in an emergency, and the included wilderness medicine guide provides instructions on how to treat more than 50 common outdoor afflictions. It's been another great year for outdoor fun and hiking, and we've seen a ton of camping equipment and accessories come and go.