How to get free outdoor gear?

REI Outlet & Used equipment · 2.Maxx for outdoor equipment: that's the essence of the Sierra Trading Post. There are some real gear gems hidden away, but you need to do some digging to find the best ones. This store is best suited to people who enjoy browsing, who don't have a brand or model in mind, but who are open to any offer that may arise. Where can I buy ethical outdoor clothing? (10 brands that make a difference).

Keep things in your backpack dry. Keep your backpack dry at night, when you're out of the store. It leaves the camp cleaner than you found it. Maybe you don't do all this at once.

Ask your friends, neighbors, or family if you can borrow their hiking equipment. They may have some things lying around that are just gathering dust. Use a neighborhood app like NextDoor that allows you to buy items from your neighbors. Some people can lend you things at no additional charge, while others can let you keep them for free.

Backpacking and outdoor equipment companies sponsor hikers and other athletes because it's a very cost-effective form of advertising.