Where to shop for outdoor gear?

We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission for purchases. REI sells many discount and clearance products through its Outlet. It's a good place to monitor, especially as the off-season approaches at bargain prices on major outdoor brands. In the Outlet, you can also check the REI offer of the day (and check for upcoming offers), where the company liquidates individual items at a fraction of their label price.

And we like that the Outlet has the same generous one-year return policy as the main REI store, which isn't always the case with discounted items. However, as is common with many discounted items, it can be difficult to find exactly what you're looking for. Popular products tend to sell out quickly, and many that only make it to the outlet are available in very limited size and color options. But these complaints aren't specific to REI, and we think it's one of the easiest discount sites to navigate today on the web.

Members should note that discounted items do not count toward their annual dividend. Visit REI Outlet Most discount websites discount past season items or in excess until they sell out, but The Clymb is all about flash sales. This means that prices are cut for a certain period of time (usually 72 hours, but sometimes longer), allowing The Clymb to undercut much of the competition. Quantities are very limited, but if you find what you're looking for, prices can be hard to beat.

In addition to items for outdoor activities, The Clymb also offers discounted trips through its Adventures program to wild places such as Patagonia, Peru and Nepal, just to name a few. The outdoor retail sites mentioned above often offer the most economical and efficient shopping experiences, but you can also buy directly from outdoor product brands. Of course, by buying directly, you are practically guaranteed to get the right product and can resolve warranty issues with the manufacturer itself. There are too many individual companies to list, but some of the most popular outdoor brand sites include Patagonia, The North Face, Arc'teryx, Black Diamond, Osprey, and La Sportiva.

Online shopping can be a nuisance that you can't feel or try on products, and it can take a long time to deal with returns and exchanges if you end up ordering the wrong size. With that in mind, when choosing the sites above, we placed a great deal of emphasis on the amount of information and overall usability. For example, REI and Backcountry typically include several photos of each product, including separate photos of the item from different angles. When it comes to clothing, they also usually have several images of models wearing the product so that you can get an idea of the overall shape and fit without trying it on.

When evaluating the sites, we also carefully analyze the product specifications (specifications). When comparing outdoor equipment, specifications such as weight and material details can be incredibly useful, especially when presented well. REI includes detailed specifications along the right side of each listing, and Backcountry and Moosejaw are reasonably diligent in providing good information (Evo is excellent in this regard). Going one step further, some sites have extensive buying guides, how-to articles, and even videos that can help you with your purchasing decision and answer commonly asked questions.

Bridging that gap in the online environment is tremendously useful, and we value sites that make the effort. The quality of a site's customer service department can have a big impact on your overall online experience, especially if you have a problem or need to return something. The good news is that all of the sites we've listed above have customer service teams that are generally quick, helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly. We especially like the live chat feature at REI, Backcountry and Evo, which allows you to chat with a representative in real time for those times when you don't feel like calling or emailing.

We have contacted more times than we can count for product specifications and other information (by phone, email and chat) and have had very few negative experiences to date, Back to Top Outdoor Equipment Mega Sites Return to Our Ranking Criteria. To help you take advantage of the adventurer in you and have an active summer, here are the top 10 places to buy quality outdoor gear online. REI is a wonderland when it comes to outdoor equipment. I could spend hours wandering around physical stores while imagining myself surviving in the desert for a week.

Do I need that inflatable mattress and portable cookware set? Probably not. If you want to save some money, especially on large purchases, you can take a look at their “Used Equipment” section, which has previously owned equipment that has been inspected by REI experts. It's better for the environment and your pocket. In addition to selling products, Dick's offers tips and tricks from its experts, such as which kayak is best for you and outdoor activities to do with children.

Depending on your level of outdoor activities, this might be a good place to start determining what you'll need for your new adventure. The retail giant seems to sell everything, so it's no wonder they sell a bunch of great outdoor gear. When browsing the outdoor section of the site, you can filter by brands, including major brands, such as Columbia, Osprey, Camelbak, and more. While this is useful for getting recommendations from highly respected outdoor brands, it makes it a little more difficult to find specific products such as hiking boots or a harness.

Buy outdoor clothing on Amazon Backcountry is an outdoor clothing and equipment retailer that sells top outdoor brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, and Santa Cruz. They also have their own affordable line of equipment and clothing. Do you need any advice on what to buy? Although Backcountry doesn't have a physical store, you can chat with its experts, who are known as Gearheads. In addition, if you see a small green flag on a product, it means that it is approved by Gearheads.

The backcountry is also known for having incredible end-of-season sales, which is a great opportunity to save on some of the best brands that sell. If you're looking for even more deals, you can also visit its sister site, Steep and Cheap. Shop for Outdoor Apparel in Backcountry L, L. Bean doesn't just make the coveted Bean Boots that people are obsessed with.

They also have a good selection of equipment for outdoor activities in products such as tents, kayaks, fishing pools, etc. While the selection is more limited compared to larger outdoor tents, it's still a great choice for outdoor fans, especially those who are fans of the reliable L, L. In addition, the store offers a variety of guides to help you choose the right kayak or what products to bring for fly fishing. Shop for outdoor gear at L, L, Bean Bass Pro Shops is known for its fishing equipment, but the store also has a large selection of equipment for camping, hiking and paddling.

The store's website makes it easy to shop by category with a large selection of products from the fishing, sailing and hunting sections. You can also search for detailed guides on site for bass fishing (naturally) and camping. These two guides contain videos with tips and instructions, as well as product recommendations for specific activities. Walmart is known for its low prices, and offers affordable camping and hiking equipment with its Ozark Trail label.

Brand quality has been compared to Yeti at a fraction of the cost. I even tried one of their glasses to see what the bass drum was all about and found that it was only as good as the most expensive brand. In addition to its own outdoor gear, Walmart sells popular brands such as Coleman, Lifetime and Humminbird. It's also easy to buy specific activities and sports, as each is broken down by category.

Shop for outdoor gear at Walmart, although there are only 11 Moosejaw stores nationwide, you can happily browse their wide selection of outdoor equipment online. There are hundreds of popular brands to shop for, from Chaco and Hydro Flask to Moosejaw's own clothing and accessories brand. Store offerings are mostly focused on hiking, camping, and water sports, rather than fishing and hunting. It's also easy to shop in each section, with the best brands for each category, as well as essential items for each sport.

Moosejaw also has a rewards program worth joining if you plan to buy a lot there. With every purchase, you get a 10% refund in the form of Moosejaw Reward Dollars, which can be used to purchase equipment and clothing on site. The best part? Joining is completely free. While most of Eastern Mountain Sports' brick-and-mortar stores (also known as EMS) are located on the East Coast, you can shop their huge selection of top brands and equipment online.

Do you have a question about an activity or team? Check out their expert advice page with detailed answers to common outdoor questions. Physical stores also offer classes such as rock climbing or avalanche safety, which are worth visiting if you live near one. Plus, unlike T, J, Maxx, Sierra's site is easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. You can use the search bar to search for specific brands or search the categories to see their current offers.

Below is a quick summary of each outdoor goods website. While the selection is more limited compared to larger outdoor tents, it's still a great choice for outdoor fans, especially those who are fans of the trusty L. As mentioned, one thing that sets EVO apart from other outdoor gear stores is its selection of bicycle components. A program whose “mission” is to improve outdoor recreation opportunities in Vermont communities by partnering with qualified organizations that focus on land conservation, land access, trail development and.

You can buy all kinds of outdoor footwear, clothing and equipment on Amazon, and if they don't carry the product themselves, you'll often find a list of third parties who do. Although there are only 11 Moosejaw stores nationwide, you can happily browse their wide selection of outdoor items online. They have daily deals, as well as ongoing sales that cover a wide variety of outdoor item categories, from footwear to backpacking tents and more. Whether you're getting ready to go glamping, replacing a shabby waterproof jacket, or stocking up on socks, there's a world of outdoor tents that will meet your needs.

Some brands can't ship internationally (this will be the same regardless of which outdoor marketplace you order from). One thing that really sets REI apart as one of the best outdoor stores is its community work and management. For example, REI offers a wide collection of casual outdoor gear (including oversized items such as rooftop tents and stand-up paddleboards), but Backcountry wins when it comes to technical items (e.g. ski equipment for alpine excursions and deep powder snow) and products of small boutique brands.

Michigan-based Moosejaw has long been a powerful player in the outdoor industry, selling just about every piece of equipment you can think of in activities such as hiking, camping, cycling and climbing. . .