Why outdoor outlet not working?

Tripped circuit breakers are usually caused by a temporary overload of the circuit or a short circuit in a device that is plugged into the circuit. However, the problem can also arise due to a loose wire in an electrical box. Contact Prairie Electric if you have questions to safely resolve the issue. The triggered GFCI socket should also have an outwardly protruding button with the word “reset”.

All you have to do is push that button and the circuit should turn back on. Most of the time, a tripped circuit breaker is the reason an outlet can stop working, especially if it's in only one part of the house. Electricians often branch off the outside circuits of a bathroom or laundry circuit, so their dead outdoor outlet may be connected to a tripped receptacle that is surprisingly far away. I will also provide you with a list of causes of outdoor outlet malfunctions, as well as instructions on how to prevent outdoor lighting from tripping.

It's common for electricians to disconnect the outside circuits of a bathroom or laundry circuit, so the receptacle shot surprisingly far away could be the cause of your dead outdoor outlet.