How to protect outdoor deck?

The only way to successfully protect your deck over time is to apply a deck preservative. There are sealants, dyes and paints on the market specially designed for use on roofs. Aesthetically, they look very different, but they protect wood and composite decking from moisture damage, fungal growth, and UV light. Your board has treated you well all summer long.

It's time to return the favor. Heavy use, sun, and incidental damage can affect a residential roof during the summer months, but as summer turns to fall and fall into winter, new problems arise. Before winter weather sets in, autumn is a good time to give your terrace a little preventive care. Protecting your deck from the elements can prevent costly repairs, keep it looking good, and ensure you'll be ready for action when warm weather finally returns.

Is your terrace ready for winter? Consider these tips to help your deck withstand the harsh season ahead Apply painter's tape to any nearby surface, such as coating, that needs to be protected. Apply deck sealant with a natural bristle brush. A roller is faster, but brushing helps force the sealant to open pores and grain. Be sure to place the sealant in the joints where two boards abut.

Apply the floor sealant to three or four boards at a time, working their entire length. You don't want to spill or come loose on adjacent boards or you'll have stains that are difficult to hide.